The New National Curriculum.


The new curriculum is here 


The new frameworks for Key stage 1 and 2:


In these linked documents the Government has listed all the elements of the curriculum that children are required to know at the end of Key stage 1 ( at the end of year 2) and the end of Key stage 2( at the end of Year 6)

Key stage 1

Key stage 2


These are the plans for Year 2 to 6.

Class 2 LTP 14-16.doc Click here to view what class 2, children in years 2 and 3 will be learning in the next 2 years.


class 3 - 3 year plan 2014+.doc click here to find out what class 3, that's years 4 ,5 and 6 will be learning for the next 3 years.


As with all plans they are subject to change.



Reading Schemes:

The school uses as its main reading scheme- The Magic Key series produced by Oxford Tree.


Phonics scheme:

The school uses "Letters and Sounds" as the main phonics scheme although this is enhanced by a wide range of materials