Our vision in a Christian community





To create a shared and working partnership between home and school.

It is our goal that children, adults with parental responsibility, staff and helpers work together as a team to provide the highest level of education and opportunities for all pupils.


To provide a positive learning environment.

Our aim is to offer a happy, secure and caring environment, which stimulates learning, encourages courtesy, a consideration for the needs of others and an understanding of the wider community.


To provide an appropriately challenging curriculum.

Our aim is to address the whole development of the child through a well-balanced and progressive curriculum.   We aim to teach the children to apply their acquired knowledge to the development of personal and social skills and increase their moral, spiritual and social awareness.


To provide equal opportunity for all.

In our school we offer everyone opportunities appropriate to their needs.


To ensure that every child maximises their potential.

In our school we recognise that each child is unique and has individual needs and strengths.  We aim to build self-esteem and to recognise achievement in all areas of life.  We strive to build self-confidence, motivation and commitment.


To maintain high standards.

In our school we ensure high standards, through our expectations and positive attitudes in relation to:

  • Curriculum
  • Attendance
  • Punctuality
  • Behaviour

To encourage children to take responsibility for their behaviour choices.

In our school we have developed a policy, which rewards children for their good behaviour, sets high expectations and deals consistently and fairly with inappropriate behaviour