SEN Information Report for September 2015.


SEN Information Report for Skidby CE VC Primary School- in accordance with section 65(3) of the Children and Families Act 2014


1. What kind of special educational needs provision is accessible for children at Skidby CE VC Primary School?


Skidby CE VC Primary School is a fully inclusive school, which ensures that all pupils achieve their potential; personally, socially, emotionally and academically in all areas of the curriculum, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, social background, religion, sexual identity, physical ability or educational need.


2. How do we identify children who may have an SEN need?

• Children entering our Reception Class are assessed using a baseline testing process in line with the ERYC Foundation stage profile.

• Pupil progress meetings/discussion are every half term from which we track and identify children who are not making expected national progress. Interventions/support programmes are then implemented and monitored to ensure that the child makes accelerated progress.

• Hearing Impaired children will be known to the school through the Sensory Support Team. Those children attending the provision have specific language assessments and targets set which are age appropriate.


3. What provision is made for children with SEN; with and without an EHE Plan.-in respect of:


a) How is the intervention/support monitored as to its effectiveness?

Those children identified as benefiting from intervention/support are monitored against the progress they are making, this is normally at half termly pupil progress meetings.



b) What are the school's arrangements for assessing and reviewing progress of children with SEN?


Those children identified as benefiting from intervention/support are monitored against the progress they are making, at half termly pupil progress meeting.


c) What is the schools approach to teaching children with SEN?


We are a fully inclusive school, which ensures that all pupils achieve to their full potential, this may be through differentiation, small group work or through 1:1 TA teaching.

d) How does the school adapt the curriculum and learning environment for children with SEN?


The curriculum and teaching sequences are adapted to meet the needs of the individual. The school takes all reasonable steps to modify/adapt the learning environment to meet the individual needs of children.


e) What additional support is available for children with SEN?


The school provides various interventions/support that meet the individual needs of the children. Children who may require higher levels of support have access to appropriately trained support staff.


f) What support is available for ensuring the emotional and social development of pupils with SEN?


Children access SEAL (Social Emotional Aspects of Literacy) curriculum. In addition nurture groups/activities are also available. Deaf children, were appropriate, may access the NDCS Healthy Minds Programme






4. Who is the named SEN contact?


Miss R Jones

Skidby CE VC Primary School

Main Street,


HU16 5TX

Tel: 01482 846169


5. What specific expertise is available to children with SEN?


• Deaf children and their families have access to Teachers of the Deaf.

• All staff delivering interventions are appropriately trained.


6. What specialist equipment and facilities are there for children with SEN?

The school provides equipment when required either from its own resources or bought in from ERYC


7. What arrangements are there for consulting and involving parents of children with SEN?


Parents are actively encouraged to be partners in their child's education through; informal discussions, telephone contact, home school diaries, IEP /provision map discussions, progress reviews and yearly written reports.

8. What are the arrangements for consulting children with SEN about, and involving them in, their education?


All children, regardless of SEN, are aware of their next steps. Children who have additional needs have targets which are shared, discussed and worked upon with those members of staff who are providing their additional support.


9. What are the arrangements for parents of children with SEN who may wish to complain about the provision?


Parents who wish to complain are strongly encouraged to initially speak to the Head Teacher regarding their complaint. If the issue can't be resolved at this level or the complaint is regarding the Head Teacher the parent would be directed to the schools complaints procedure.


10. How does the school/governing body involve health, social services, LA Support Services, and others in meeting the needs of children with SEN and supporting their families?


In order to meet the individual needs of a child the school will work with and seek advice from an educational psychologist, advisory teacher, speech and language therapist or health colleague to support the child's academic and social progress.


11. What are the contact details of support services for the parents of children with SEN, including those for arrangements made in clause 32*?

The ERYC Inclusion support service are based in Room AF56, County Hall Beverley, HU17 9BA and can be reached on 01482-392501

The Educational Psychology service can be reached at the same address as above and contacted on 01482- 392254

12. What are the school's arrangements for supporting children with SEN in transferring between phases of education?


• Consultation with parents/carers in how we can best meet the emotional needs of the child.

• Consultation with teaching staff support staff and other lead professionals as to how we can best support the academic, medical and social needs of the child.

• Opportunities for the child and parent to have supported visit's to the new situation.


13. Where is the Local Authorities Local Offer published?


Link to LA Website –


Local Offer East Riding